Me and You Clothing Boutique - an extension of me

Since our big move from our original home in Braamfontein to our new address on 4th avenue in Parkhurst, a lot has changed. Undoubtedly, the biggest change is that I became a mom. In an instant, I evolved from the person I had been my whole life to woman and mother with a renewed sense of purpose. I found myself in unchartered territory - delirious with happiness and love for the life I had given birth to. 

I have always thought of the boutique as an extension of myself. The one place where my passions and art are visible and tangible. I revel in the joy of spreading my love for beauty with the boutique's ardent followers.  My designs and aesthetic have always been indicative of the person that I am. Having grown up in Kenya and then later South Africa - my mixed heritage of a German father and Indo/Arab mother makes culture central to everything that i create. Having so many points of reference has made my journey of self discovery a long and winding road and this is no doubt evident in my work from the beginning to where I find myself today.

I have a deep love for our continent and the plethora of mixes that make it what it is. Over the years, I have travelled extensively throughout Africa and love translating all that I experience in some way or another through my designs.  It has always been my greatest pride that women of all ages can find something that resonates with them in the store, how it is worn and styled is dependent on each unique personality. I love to make clothing that is versatile and adaptable to our needs, that as a woman change from day to day. 

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